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Event center that looks after the nature

Sustainability program

Updated 1.3.2023

Kokouspoukama is a company that produces meeting, recreation, restaurant, and accommodation services in the Porvoo archipelago.

Throughout the company’s existence, we have strived to create a sustainable and responsible atmosphere for our staff and guests, which would nurture our local nature and responsible activities in it, our staff and company management are firmly committed to sustainable and responsible business and also to its development for years to come.

The state of the company, in relation to sustainable and responsible tourism, is at a good start, but in many matters, we are still halfway there, for example heat recovery and optimization of energy use is not in progress. In addition to that, we want to eliminate vehicles using a combustion engine, but the development is still lacking in this regard and possible replacement products that could be an alternative are not yet available on the market. We already cooperate with local communities in connection with the summer market and the village hall, and we are part of the “Habitability” project, where Emsalö, Vessö and Pellinge examine their own habitability.

We always want to improve the visitors’ experiences and also give them information and know-how about the nearby nature, its situation and how to move in nature as responsibly as possible.

We have started studying the environmental disadvantages and impact of our own activities, with this information we can make a plan that maximizes our and our guests’ benefits, while at the same time minimizing our impact on the surrounding environment. In this way, we can also adapt our climate change impact and of course we strive to leave our environment more sustainable for the next generations.

Financial sustainability is the pillar of all this. We strive to create a network together with residents and entrepreneurs in the surrounding areas, which makes us, and our partners, reliable and financially stable operators. This also includes a plan where we support the surrounding environment and do not burden it with an excessive number of tourists.

These measures mentioned above are the responsibility of the company’s management, the working staff and all subcontractors to get them to the finish line.

We try to make our own plan and schedule for each year, where we go through the measures of that year, and where they lead to, as well as the measures planned for next year. It is likely that this work will not end during my leadership and I hope that the next generation will continue the work and measures.

The goal is to have a sustainable, responsible and carbon-neutral operating model that can be modeled elsewhere in Finland.

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